Where will the project be located?

The project will be located on a 25-acre site at Redcar Bulk Terminal, the former Corus Steel works.

How many people will it employ?

The project will employ 450 full time jobs during construction, 80-100 new full time jobs during operation and will support many other jobs and supply chains in the area.

How much will the project cost to build.

The total cost of the project from start to completion is £300million

What makes up the project

The project will comprise three operational components:
–  A 200,000 tonne per annum Materials Recycling Centre incorporating a bulk storage facility
–  A 450,000 tonne per annum Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) and;
–  A 105,000 tonne per annum incinerator bottom ash (IBA) recycling facility.

Who owns the project?

The project is being developed by PMAC Energy and Low Carbon under a joint venture company, Redcar Holdings Limited, which has a 35-year lease option for the site.

Who are these companies?

Low Carbon is a renewable energy developer and investor. The Low Carbon waste portfolio currently consists of six UK assets at varying stages of development. The team has a multimillion investment fund, mandated to provide construction finance to renewable energy assets with the aim of providing low carbon electricity to the grid and heat to local offtakers.
PMAC Energy has a 25year background in waste processing and procurement and is involved in moving waste fuel around the UK and Europe for energy recovery and recycling. PMAC Energy was the original promoter of the project before creating the SPV with Low Carbon which is now the majority owner of the project with the responsibility for funding the remaining development phase of the project.

What is the project capable of delivering?

Redcar Energy Centre will generate 49.9MW(e) of electricity, enough to power 100,000 homes from 450,000 tonnes of waste per annum and will provide low carbon heat to businesses in the locality.

Is there any risk of this project losing Government funding as we’ve seen with other renewable energy sources?

Unlike previous renewable energy schemes, this waste to energy project has no reliability on Government subsidies or financial support. All income for this site will be generated purely from waste gate fees and the sale of electricity and will run as a 100% commercial entity.

Is this technology safe?

Absolutely. Emissions comply with the most stringent UK and European pollution standards and are strictly monitored by the Environment Agency. The technology employed is proven many times throughout the world and the UK – at this scale – and is the most reliable available.

Will there be any impact to the area in terms of volume of traffic and congestion?

There will be no noticeable impact to traffic in the area. A huge volume of the waste and the fuel will be imported and exported via the dock.

What stage is the project at?

Plant design is currently underway with construction expected to start in the final quarter of this year. Commercial operation is expected to begin in 2025.

What are the long-term plans for the project?

As well as supplying low carbon electrical power, the Energy Recovery Facility will be CHP ready to provide thermal energy for export to the planned intensive energy users within the South Tees Development Corporation area.
The vision from the outset has always been to include an integrated energy park which will provide a host of advanced energy solutions for local businesses and residential properties.